About US

About Us

Salami Social Club is for everyone who loves quality beer and delicious pizza. You can get them delivered to your front door, eat it on the go or enjoy them together in our restaurant.

Since our opening in 2016 we have gained the reputation as one of the most sought after “sourdough pizza restaurant” in Berlin according to Tripadvisor in 2021. Over the past years we have continued to raised the standard for pizza aficionados as well as pushing the culinary horizon within our industry a little bit further.

We truly believe that a great pizza should combine a distinctive taste of rich savoury flavours just like our signature the Salami Pizza. However, the truth is, it is thanks to our members of staffs, a chemistry of different skills and talents at work that have allowed us to continue to give you the best product there is at a fair price!


32cm rounding pleasure, unless otherwise stated. Our pizza crust is coated with garlic butter, garnished with parmesan and rounded off with our pesto mayonnaise. We produce all our ingredients in-house and source from known vendors in Italy and Germany allowing us to guaranty production quantity as well as ingredients quality.


We are just as passionate about yeast, hops and malts as we are about yeast, flour and water and of course SALAMI. Venturing into the brewing beer world, we have brewed our very first Salami Social Club Pils, the infamous “Golden Shower” in 2019 and our very own west coast “Social Club IPA” followed in 2020.

With 10 beer-taps and a solid selection of bottled beers, all hand-picked from across the continent, we aim to showcase breweries that are based here in Germany as well as presenting some golds from further afield.